After 11 Years of Constant Testing and Improvement...
Want a Simpler Way To Grow Your Sales?
Then Stand OUT More!
While many business owners believe doing more emails, posts, and ‘things’ 
is the key to building your business… the proof is in the profits, 
and BEING DIFFERENT is the true path to consistent cash flow!
Fellow business builder,

For 11 years now, my clients have used a very unusual approach to marketing. 

Those that invest time and money into growing a business know the critical importance of your return-on-marketing investment .

Meaning… if you invest $1 into marketing – you had better be getting more than $1 back! 

They also know that measurable marketing returns come from BEING DIFFERENT than alllll their competitors. Doing unusual marketing campaigns that no one else is doing. Leveraging unusual ‘themes’ into your marketing so that YOU are the one standing out from the clutter of marketing online (or off).

Announcing the 11th Edition of The Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar!

For over a decade now I’ve been investing oodles of time putting together the most profitable marketing calendar available… anywhere. 

Over 1,974 wacky marketing themes to pick from. Many of them with complete copy-and-paste, fill in a few blanks templates.

A sports school I work with just pocketed 
over $20,000 in membership dues from an off-the-wall promotion 
that had never been run before.

Graham made over $15,000 from a simple 3 email sequence
 he pulled from the calendar.

Doc C. put together some very simple emails using a template in the calendar and saw over $8,000 in newfound cash in his bank.
So Simple Even Politicians Could Use It to Make Money...

Politicians love to think that more taxes are somehow the secret to riches… and oh how wrong they are! 

Politicians usually aren’t the most business savvy… but they’d be hard pressed not to make a mint with the simple blueprints.

If you can copy and paste, you can steal these templates word for word (filling in a few blanks that are important to your business and offer). 

Change them as needed, send them out, and watch the proven formulas bring you more revenues.
Here’s how simple it is 
to make extra cash using the 
2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar…
Need an idea to re-invigorate customers that haven’t bought in a few months (or years)?

Open up the calendar, scroll to the week you want to do a promotion…
Zoom in on the day or days you want to run promos...
Pic the one you like, and either copy and paste the template you get with the calendar, email me to see if I have one for you, or (best option for your long term success) use the information and course you also get to create your own unique, wildly profitable campaign based on the theme you chose!
Need to engage or fire up 
your Facebook wall?
Then get creative, find a theme or special occasion for the day, do a quick search through the templates, and post on Facebook that you are celebrating National ____ Day and you’d love to hear their favourite ________ story.

Sit back and watch the comments stream in, and your friend/client/prospect loyalty get much tighter!
The big problem with most entrepreneurs and their marketing?
Overcomplicating it!

42 step funnels are NOT needed for most businesses. 

I know people that have been ‘working on’ their funnels for months, and have yet to actually make a dime. 

They fell for the nonsense pitches out there saying you MUST have a complicated funnel to make real money.


The average entrepreneur just needs to market themselves more, with more creative campaigns and ideas.
A business I’ve been working with for about 4 years has DOMINATED their niche in the city of 1.2 million people. 
They are, by far, the busiest one of their kind. 

They have more clients (times 3) than their nearest competitor. 

They have amazing momentum in the marketplace, and they seem to be EVERYwhere online. 

It’s driving their competitors CRAZY! 

But it sure is helping those revenues. …all by being more prolific, more creative, and more entertaining to their prospects and customers. 

The big difference for them?  

When I first found them, they did next to no marketing, and the marketing they did do was boring and stale.

Not any longer!  

One recent promo made the $20,000 in additional sales in a few days.

This is not a complicated system! 

In fact, I always recommend (and teach) that the key is to get a promotion out there as soon as possible. 
  • Find the week or day you want to promote for.
  • Find the theme that interests you.
  • Think through a story you can share about the theme.
  • Look through the templates to see if there’s a done-for-you one (there isn’t copy for near 2,000 themes, but there are a LOT of them, plus simple directions on how to do your own using my formula!)
  • You find – you modify – you personalize – you send to your prospects and clients.
THAT, is how momentum begins.  


15-30 minutes – max.

Not weeks or months.  

Then do the same the next day but with your social media posts.

And the next day for a Facebook ‘caption contest’.

And the next on Instagram stories.


All for less that $0.27 per day! I can’t think of much you can buy for less than 50 cents these days… but I can give you the formula for online or offline marketing success.
Grab Your 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar and Bonuses (Including Regular Coaching Webinars) 
Now For Only $100
10X Guarantee!
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What You Get With The 
2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar Bundle...
  •  The 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar.  Every single day of the year you are handed marketing ideas, plans and templates you can use to attract new leads, and convert more buyers (while being different than allllll the competitors out there)
  •  The 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar SWIPE FILE. Templates and ready-to-use promotions that are proven (and guaranteed) to make you money
  •  The 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar Story Selling Guide. For over 10 years I've been preaching the profits behind a great story-based marketing campaign. My clients have made millions with this single tool at their side... it's yours as a bonus with the bundle.
  •   The 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar Audio Course.  Recordings of live trainings I've done to kickstart your success in wild, wacky, and unusual marketing campaigns. 
  •  The 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar Small Ad Lead Generation Toolkit.  We all need fresh leads and prospects in our businesses.  Here's a simple formula you can follow for generating a consistent flow of ready-to-buy prospects.
  •  Access to me via email for questions, or customized campaign ideas or copy!
Who in the heck am I?
For 16 years now I’ve been helping others build their businesses through sales copy and unusual marketing strategies. 

I’ve been fortunate to work and write with some of the greatest marketers in the world, like Ted Nicholas (the 9 Billion dollar man), Clayton Makepeace (the legend behind many of the online success stories you see today), John Assaraf and Joe Vitale (of The Secret).  

I’ve even been written up on Forbes website and in The National Post. 

I’m also a martial arts junkie and hold my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and my 1st degree Black Praciat in Muay Thai. I’ve had over 75 tournament fights in the past 4 years (and I’m 49!) and love the adrenaline rush of controlled combat!

The list could go on but all you probably want to know is…
…what can I do for you?
I can give you access to a tool that’s inspired millions of dollars in sales, launched new products and services into the marketplace, and helped entrepreneurs like you achieve the goals they set for themselves.  
But… you are the one that ultimately takes ownership of your future. 

I have here the tool that can make the next year your most profitable yet… but it’s useless if you don’t do anything with it. 

If you ARE ready to grow your sales and income, then I’ll extend my hand and see if you’re read to take it. 

Now The Ball is In Your Court . . . 

If this is what you’ve been LOOKING FOR then you need to grab a copy now and start implementing the marketing tools today! 

Send out an email, post, or ad using some off-the-wall ideas from the calendar. 

USE the templates I give you (with full rights to use word-for-word).  

And make yourself some more money! 


I give you the tools that have made others millions, along with the blueprint to follow… and if you do just that…’ll also see rapid returns. 

How much? 

I have no idea! I don’t know you (yet), your business, your motivation… or your ability to follow the steps I hand you. 

But, I guarantee if you use The 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar right away, and send out the themed promotions like I show you and give you, you’ll see growth in your bank account! 


Again, true success for most businesses comes when they increase their marketing exposure using unusual promotions and proven formulas. It isn’t about overcomplicated funnels that take weeks or months to do… …but it IS about getting more marketing out the door that stands out from the clutter your prospects are faced with. 

Here’s the blueprint to follow. 

Enjoy the process and I look forward to helping you see the sales you want to see. 


Troy White 

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot . . . There’s pretty well nothing in the stores you can buy for $0.27 or less. But invest that per day over the next year, and THIS will help you grow your business and build your bank account… guaranteed. 

My Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar 10X Guarantee

If you are serious about building your business and growing your income, 
the 2018 calendar is the best one yet. 

 You never again need to feel stuck for marketing ideas, 
or face that dreaded blank screen again. 

All you need to do is pull up the 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar, 
flip it to the day, week, or month you want to do a promotion… 
and everything you need to make your sales grow 
is right there in front of you.

In fact… I guarantee you’ll make back a 10X return e-a-s-i-l-y 
with this money maker at your side.

Use the ideas, templates, and wacky marketing promotions 
in the calendar. Regularly (ie not once a year!). 

 If you honestly say you tried the campaigns (and gave them a fair chance... 
one is not a fair chance!)... and didn't make 10 TIMES your investment back...
let me know and we will get you your money back.
Grab Your 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar, Webinars and Bonuses Now For Only $100
10X Guarantee!
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